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Flash Video Converter is the program for converting of flash files (*.flv file extension) to more commonly used AVI, 3GP, WMV, MOV, PSP, iPod (MPEG-4) formats. This handy programming tool set is intended for common use, and so it’s distributed for free.

Download Flash Video Converter v 1.0.1 (Total downloads: 66866)

Download NEW desktop FULLY Flash Video Converter (FVD Suite)

Update v1.0.1: MPEG-4 support added. iPod conversion
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What is profit of Flash Video Converter?
-- It extends audience number. Often presentation made using Flash is complicated to show to naive users of Net, which are at a loss for rapid and handy viewing of Flash video.

-- It enables to view Flash video using mobile devices. It’s clear the video for mobile devices has to conform to 2 fundamentals: to be high-quality for viewing and to be small in size. Namely 3GP, WMV, MOV, iPod (MPEG-4) formats are fair choice.

-- It enables to view Flash video using television-game device in PSP format that appeared in time of Sony portable game devices entering the market.

What is the difference of Flash Video Converter from its analogues?
-- It’s free product. However free software is less unprofitable for users. It’s especially important for juridical persons to use Flash technology.

-- This program is efficient. It has perfect functionality not oversaturated by excess modules to keep Flash Video Converter speed.

Do you decide to choose Flash Video Converter for file converting? Please closely read the following advices for installing and usage of program. It saves your and our time!

It’s easy to install and use. You can find more information about program installing and use in its detailed tutorial.

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